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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The purchase of Shazam by Apple will be investigated by Europe

A few weeks ago we commented on the purchase of Shazam by Apple, well up there all right. But now, the European Commission will analyze this purchase.
The main reason is that they believe that it could adversely affect the competence of the European Economic Area. This is what Austria did, where it asked the European Commission to start observing this purchase in case it could negatively affect the European Union at the level of competition.
Apple had an agreement with Shazam to integrate it with its virtual assistant Siri, until last December, they decided to buy the entire company for about 400 million euros .

Shazam, Apple and Europe

The investigation by the European Commission began after a request from Austria, joined to other countries. This will surely take a long time to know some decision by the European Commission.
A priori there is no problem for the purchase of Shazam, but the European Commission believes that this could adversely affect the competence of the European Union. This request comes after that of Austria, Iceland, Italy, Norway, France and Sweden, asked to analyze this purchase by Apple.
Shazam is an application that allows you to recognize virtually any musical theme that is around us and give us all kinds of information about it. In addition to showing video clips or purchase links
Apple used Shazam's technology to integrate it with Siri , where it "rented" this service in order to recognize any musical theme saying "Hey Siri, listen to this". Now, thanks to this purchase, Apple could integrate many improvements in the short or medium term future.

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