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Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Sexual Revolution reaches the Animoji

The contestants of Operación Triunfo have participated in a karaoke for the theme The Sexual Revolution using the Animoji of the new iPhone X.
This version corresponds to the gala number 5 of OT , where the contestants of this edition, interpreted this well-known theme.
The video can be viewed through iTunes or Apple Music (no need to have it contracted). The theme lasts only about 45 seconds, where they mix Animoji and the images of the contestants.

The Sexual Revolution in Animoji

The Animoji Sexual Revolution
Operación Triunfo  (OT) is a television program where several contestants pursue the same dream, launch their own album and succeed in the world of music. There are several editions that we have lived in Spain, some with more success than others.
Some singers more known today, we find in the first edition, such as David Bisbal or David Bustamante, among others.
Animoji is hitting quite hard to make karaokes , so much that even Apple itself has released several videos to promote their products using this type of videos with spectacular results.
Of course, Animoji have their limitations, specifically 10 seconds , where the power of editing is crucial to get a karaoke that lasts more than that time, but with a little imagination, all possible.
The OT contestants had the opportunity to collaborate with Apple to launch The Sexual Revolution on their own platform, a good way to showcase the latest innovations of their flagship as is the iPhone X and the already characteristic Animoji.
To be able to use Animoji , we must use iMessage , Apple's instant messaging application. Once the message is recorded, we have the opportunity to save it or send it to our friends or relatives.

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