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Friday, February 2, 2018

This is my experience after a week using the beta of iOS 11.3

A week ago that Apple released the first beta of iOS 11.3, with thoughts of launching the final version in the spring, without giving any month in particular. I personally since it was launched for developers I installed it both on my iPhone X (main computer) and on my iPhone 6s, and in this article I want to tell you my opinion, although obviously it is a beta and the bugs that it can present are totally normal and passable.

How do I value the beta of iOS 11.3?

Nothing else install the first thing you see in action is the performance and stability of this version, and being sincere has not changed as it is just as fluid iPhone X and iPhone 6s continues with the typical lag that I mentioned in some articles that I have been dragging since the installation of iOS 11. Incidentally, the installation of betas was clean, that is, I did a format and installed the beta.
Animojis iOS 11.3
The news for me are totally non-existent in my day to day. The animojis if I'm sincere I used them last week to test them and that's it. Although I use the Messages application assiduously I do not give them any kind of use. So the most significant novelty although it is funny and curious is in the background.
When it comes to bugs, there are several. Sometimes the mobile phone although at the beginning it works well and fluid, it is totally caught when opening some applications. Today just before going to eat I had to force a reboot because it was not out of Spotify. In Safari I have also found problems when searching in private browsing, showing me a message "WebKit could not show this information", in  addition to overheating the iPhone X in some cases, something that did not happen before
Some applications do not open directly in this beta as for example in my case Skype or the Movistar + app . Faults that we hope will be resolved beta after beta. And what many will ask, does the terminal's battery improve? Well the answer is no. This update does not improve just the battery neither of the iPhone X nor of my iPhone 6s that is totally decelerated because of Apple. 
In short, iOS 11.3 for me is an update without aesthetic changes but improvements at the level of stability. The only novelty that we will see interesting in this future update will be to be able to check the status of our battery, something that I think will be the only good thing about iOS 11.3, because there is no other type of improvement that the user can see, nor any optimization of the battery on the decelerated iPhone.
If you are thinking about installing the public beta to see the "new features", I do not recommend it, because some applications do not finish opening, there are several bugs that can hinder your user experience and ultimately it is a beta. I have to say that I am not criticizing the beta for its bugs obviously, I just wanted to show my opinion and my experience of use. 

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