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Friday, February 2, 2018

With Just Press Record you can record audio with the AirPods microphone

Today we bring you the Just Press Record application , an app that will facilitate our day to day audio recordings, but also allows us to use the microphone of our Apple Watch or AirPods to record our voice notes.
The AirPods are extraordinary headphones, with a pretty good noise cancellation, like their microphone. The problem is not to use your microphone with native apps and very few third-party ones.
One of the applications that allows it is Just Press Record , but it does not simply serve to use the microphone of your AirPods for audio recordings, it goes much further.
Thanks to this application, we have the opportunity to record conversations, classes, podcasts, interviews ... both with the Airpods microphone , iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Lightning microphones. Of course, also microphones with audio Jack connection.
In the case of the iPad , this app will come in handy since we do not have a dedicated app to record voice notes, as it does with the iPhone.

Just Press Record features

Just Press Record app
For those who do not know this application, Just Press Record allows us to pick up the audio from any microphone (including the Apple Watch or AirPods) and convert our recording into text .
With this, we save having to pass to text any note of a class or an interview. One of its most outstanding features is the possibility to search in more than 30 languages , which we can also select to transcribe the audio to text without any problem.
The recognition of text is extraordinary, especially if we use it in an Apple Watch, we can talk freely without having a forced position, Just Press Record will have no problems in detecting the audio to convert it to text.
Its interface is quite simple, friendly and also offers us the possibility of making recordings in the background, even with the Apple Watch or iPhone blocked . Its operation is also quite simple, the developer has minimized all possible steps so that just with a "tap", you can start recording.
Once you have finalized a recording (for example from the Apple Watch), it sends the audio directly to our iPhone or iPad, to synchronize with iCloud . That's it, we do not have to do anything else, the process is automatic.
Thanks to text recognition, we can search all the audios for a word or phrase to find our audio in the text that it has converted.

Just Press Record with the AirPods

Just Press Record AirPods
For those of us who usually do podcasts , we are disappointed to find that the AirPods' magnificent microphone could not be used as microphones in native applications or in the majority of third parties, such as Spreaker.
The AirPods microphone is one of the best you can find today (like the EarPods). You can do the test in a noisy place , like a bar or a cafeteria. The result is simply extraordinary, cancel the noise around to the maximum to offer a clear and clear audio.
In my case, I usually record podcast in mobility from time to time, using only the iPhone and EarPods headphones. But when you test the AirPods, you do not want to go back to the cables . But there is the problem that I have mentioned before, most of the apps are not able to pick up the AirPods microphone via Bluetooth, only those that use a physical connection.
Just Press Record is one of the few applications that I have been able to thoroughly test to achieve my purpose, record an audio using the AirPods microphone . The resulting simply is extraordinary.
The application itself allows us to select the audio quality or the microphones detected at that moment. The quality and type of audio available , would be the following:
  • M4A (ACC)
  • AIF
  • WAV
  • 16kHz
  • 44.1kHz
  • 48kHz

Just Press Record for interviews or classes

Just Press Record Apple Watch
Another feature of Just Press Record is the ability to record conversions, interviews or classes and convert our audio into text. This will save us a lot of work.
The Apple Watch's microphone helps a lot when we do not have an external microphone. Its ability to pick up is quite pleasant, especially in the Apple Watch Series 3 .
To take notes in a class is really useful, especially when there are enough notes and we want to prioritize our time. Of course, the application is not perfect , but it will help us to capture most of the text.
Thanks to its simplicity, the audios will be saved automatically in folders with the days in which they were captured, showing the time and duration of the same.
Of course, we can change the name of the file and see a preview of the text that the application has collected. So it is much easier to search, or rather, find the classes of each day.
As I say, one of its virtues is to capture the audio from the Apple Watch itself , without the need to use any other microphone, although we can do whatever we want. Just Press Record will give us the opportunity to choose the microphone for audio pickup.
Just Press Record is not free, but it is worth every euro cent it costs. In addition, if we want to save a good amount of money, we have the opportunity to buy a pack with two more applications for a very attractive price.

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