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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A bug in the QR code reader in iOS 11 could compromise your network security

iOS 11 came with a new functionality in the camera of our iPhone: the ability to scan QR codes that we can find in our day to day and visit the page to which we want to address without having to install a third-party application , something that we always do backwards. With this functionality has also been detected a bug that may end up affecting us negatively, something that no longer surprises us, because in Apple the history of bugs that affect our security or privacy is not small.

A new bug ends up affecting iOS 11

Infosec has found a way to cheat the reader of QR codes, since as we have seen on their website they have scanned a QR code that theoretically redirects to Facebook, as it appears in the pop-up notification, but when entering Safari We see clearly how it takes us to another website , something really serious, since they can put us in malicious pages if we do not carefully check which codes we scan.
In the GIF provided by the source we clearly see this failure. It must be said that this example has been captured with an iPhone in iOS 11.2.1, but it also happens in the last beta of iOS 11.3 in which I am currently. If you want to try it yourselves, we leave you the QR code below:
This problem was communicated to Apple on December 23, but it seems that they have been busy enough to fix it in the different updates. My recommendation is that you look at the web pages that are redirecting you a QR code since it will not always take you to where the pop-up notification tells you.
From 9to5mac detailed that they have consulted Apple on this matter and because it has not been solved already, and we are waiting to see if from Cupertino release some kind of statement or the next beta is solved, something to which we will be very attentive.

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