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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apple is criticized for using bucket Wikipedia

The largest information portal, Wikipedia, criticizes the lack of empathy on Apple's part when making donations, since in its information services, it usually links to this portal.
Lisa Gruwel, a member of Wikipedia, harshly criticized Apple's position , where it only offers a donation if any of its employees do so. Although this gesture is good, it is far below the investment made by oysters companies, such as Google.
Wikipedia is a free portal to know all kinds of information thanks to the users who feed their content every day. The web needs funds to cover expenses, where the readers themselves are the ones who usually contribute the amounts that they consider convenient or that they can contribute at that moment to help in the cause.

Apple uses Wikipedia, but it just donates

Wikipedia iOS iPhone
Apple is not the only one that does not make a recurring donation or at the height of large companies. Amazon for example, has devoted virtually nothing, while Google itself that usually provides an interesting amount for their own interests.
Siri is a great devourer of content in  Wikipedia , you can do the test, every time you ask her something, she will offer you some answer by linking to the portal. That in itself is fine, as pointed Lisa Gruwel , since Wikipedia is to be consulted by everyone who wants to do, including large companies.
The problem comes when Apple or companies of this caliber offer this service in their systems with a high number of searches and they have invested very little money to help subsist or improve the infrastructure to offer a stable portal.
As we have said, Apple usually sends a donation each time an employee does it, so the contribution is doubled, but it is not a direct way to do it, although something is something.
If Apple did not use the services, it may even be understandable, but integrating it into the services of their operating systems, is something that frustrates Wikipedia's members , as pointed out by Lisa Gruwell, Wikipedia's revenue officer.

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