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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Apple launches new cases for the iPad Pro and new straps for the Apple Watch

After the conference we have experienced today in Chicago, the Apple Store has reopened and has left interesting surprises as the interesting prices with which the iPad 2018 has arrived in Spain . Along with these developments we have found the arrival of the already announced new belts with spring colors as well as a new range of colors of the iPad Pro 10.5 "covers. 

The leather case of the iPad Pro 10.5 "receives two new colors

Apple has wanted to start the new season with a new range of colors of covers for the iPad Pro 10.5 "as well as the release of the new straps we have for our Apple Watch that we discussed in a previous post.
iPad Pro 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches.
The new colors of the straps were implemented in the Sport models, in the Nailon models, the Loop sports models and in the more classic ones with a buckle . They also received a renewal of colors the exclusive belts of Nike and Hermès. 
Along with the straps of the Apple Watch, which has not caught us by surprise to notify us in a press release a week ago. But if you have surprised us with the launch of new colors in the leather cases of the iPad Pro, also welcoming more vibrant and spring colors: electric blue and soft pink. 
These leather cases are of a huge quality and gives a lot of comfort to the user as it comes with a hole to also store our Apple Pencil next to the iPad Pro 10.5 " . As they are of a huge quality, it also has a huge price: $ 129. 

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