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Monday, March 12, 2018

Apple Maps already offers information on public bicycles

Apple just added a very interesting novelty in its Maps application, where now, we have the opportunity to find public bicycles .
The best thing is that they are also found in several Spanish cities, although not all cities are still there, we can find information in Seville , Barcelona , Valencia or Zaragoza .
In total, some 175 cities spread across 36 different countries . It is expected that new cities offering this public bicycle service will be added little by little. All this thanks to the Ito World database that has been integrated with the Maps application.

How to find bikes from Apple Maps

Apple Maps Bicycles
Well, to find the public bicycles of our city, you do not have to do anything special, just find yourself in some of the cities that we discussed earlier and look for "Shared Bicycles ".
If we open Maps and browse around, they will also show us these public bicycle rental points, as with any other point of interest or public transport .
Apple Maps will give you all the information about the points where these bicycles are, of course, also how to get there . The only negative point is that we can not know if there are free "bikes".
This new Apple Maps, is thanks to an agreement with Ito World , which has allowed to add their data in the application of maps of Apple. A good agreement that will allow us to find this means of transport in a much simpler and faster way.
Apple is still working to make Apple Maps one of the best map apps, both in iOS and in macOS. Despite having a difficult start with layoffs included, the truth is that they are taking a very positive direction.

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