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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Apple Music will show artists improved statistics on the impact of their content

Apple wants to offer a better information service to the artists that collaborate in Apple Music contributing their content. This has been materialized in the beta version of the platform that has already enabled a section of tools that will help artists see the impact of their content on this platform, something very interesting for artists but which does not interest the user all it does is give "Play" in Apple's streaming music playback application.

Apple Music will improve statistics showing artists

Apple's goal with these new tools is clear: give artists the opportunity to be aware of how their content is working on the platform, and above all, what kind of users they like the most. With all these data, the strategy to reach that specific audience in the future improves a lot.
Apple itself through the Apple Music Twitter account has revealed these new improvements, as you can see in the following tweet published yesterday.
Among these statistics we can find for example a map with the density of users who listen to your songs in a particular country to see for example what style is working best in certain parts of the world.
If you belong to this artist's guild and are interested in having access to these statistics in their beta version, you can do so by registering on the platform's website, as reported by 9to5Mac . But if you do not want to belong to this group of people who are going to test the new features of the platform you can wait for the month of spring, which is when the final version will be released. 
For me it is a great success to incorporate these improved statistics because the artist has the right to know how their content is working as we see in other platforms such as YouTube , where we enjoy a lot of information related to the impact of our videos and the public we are reaching.

The analysis of these data will result in the potential audience on which we will have to work intensely on future content in order to have even better results.

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