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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apple promotes its payment system through new commercials

Apple Pay is the payment system of Apple , where every time they are integrating new banks. Californians wanted to promote it with a new commercial showing the virtues with the iPhone X.
Thanks to the new flagship of Tim Cook's company, we can pay practically in any establishment just by looking at the terminal . Something that works really well and that allows us to leave the portfolio at home.
Of course, paying with the smartphone or with the watch is possible in many models. It is not limited to the iPhone X , but this is the only one capable of doing it without having to touch the device.

Apple's payment system

During these days, we have been able to meet two new commercials, one of just over a minute in length and another that barely reaches 16 seconds. In the latter, Californians teach us how easy it is to send a sum of money through their Apple Pay Cash instant messaging application .
Apple Pay Cash is not yet enabled in Spain, although we have known cases of users who have already received a notification to start configuring it. For now, in practice, it is still not viable, but it is an obvious sign that this system of sending money will land in our country sooner rather than later.
In recent weeks, new banks have made the leap to join the payment platform of Californians, where there are few that remain to confirm the alliance, including BBVA or ING . These have not yet been pronounced, so it is not possible to determine when or if they will ever reach Apple Pay.
Without a doubt, to be able to pay in an establishment using the smart watch or an iPhone, it is really comfortable, where it is no longer necessary to carry credit cards to make purchases. Although it is true that some establishments are not yet adapted and others require a minimum purchase to be able to use this payment system.

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