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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Commercial ads for the new iPad 2018 are now available. Water resistant?

Apple has just launched the new commercials for the new iPad (2018), where they offer us an interesting message.
With two new videos, Apple wants to show us the novelties and experiences of use with the iPad, where honestly, I think they have been completely successful.
The new iPad has a price of 349 euros and is compatible with the Apple Pencil, which has also lowered some price.

New iPad commercials

We are not going to make "spoilers" of it, but if we would like to comment on what Apple can do in an amazing way, sell experiences .
On this occasion, Apple offers a message, the iPad serves for more things than you think, where you can perform many tasks with tremendous ease.
Another message is the durability , that is, that we take the iPad to the street to work or study with him. In the ad we can see how it receives some small bumps or even is splashed with water .
In this video, we can see a clear message that Apple, "a person can change the worldChildren are the future, education and development are fundamental from a very early age.
This message has also been repeated at the Apple event , an educational event with many novelties in the sector, where Californians want to steal Google's prominence.
These commercials , logically, are very close with the event of March 27, since practically all the novelties have been dedicated for this sector.
Without further news to present at the end of the event, Apple has launched new products and accessories on its website, both for iPhone and iPad. The only pronunciation in this regard, has been a "New" sign next to the news.

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