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Monday, March 5, 2018

Cortana would come to iOS in Outlook applications

Google Assistan has already enjoyed it on iOS with its own application and it works really well to be on an iOS device. Soon we will see one of the competitors of Siri also in her own field: Cortana . Microsof t will incorporate it into a future update in their Outlook applications to give the user a better user experience, something we will end up thanking.

Cortana will disembark in iOS soon

People very close to Microsoft have told The Verge that they would be planning to incorporate the personal assistant Cortana into their applications on both iOS and Android. 
The functions that Cortana will have in these applications will basically give the user the possibility of listening to messages from an email and being able to respond by dictating to the voice assistant. Some requests that we could make to Microsoft's voice assistant could be: Do I have email pending ?, "Can you read my last emails from Paco?", Etc. The data is still very scarce, but in The Verge they collect this integration in the following way:
The Cortana integration will allow users of the mobile email client to listen and respond to email messages with their own voice. This will be especially useful in car trips. Microsoft is testing the Cortana integration directly within mobile Outlook that will work through Bluetooth.
After doing a facelift to the application at the end of last year, the next update will touch incorporate Artificial Intelligence competing with Siri itself in its own battle environment . It is quite funny, but this is where Apple must work to make Siri the one that defeats Google Assistant and Microsoft assistant
Currently this update is in testing phase internally at Microsoft. The next step will be the beta phase and after that we'll see it in an update on all our devices.

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