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Monday, March 26, 2018

GrayKey, the machine capable of hacking any iPhone with code

One of the problems or advantages, depends on where you look, the iPhone is how difficult they are to unlock when they have a block by code. We saw how the San Bernardino iPhone put the FBI against Apple to give him a key to unlock the terrorist's iPhone 5c, from which they obtained a negative response , resorting to other companies. This will no longer be a problem with GrayKey, the machine that can hack any iPhone.

GrayKey, the threat to the security of any iPhone

Although Apple has refused on numerous occasions to give the possibility to unlock an iPhone , many security companies were put to work on a method to do this without having to go through Apple, and as a result of this team called Grayshift We have seen a new device named GrayKey .
The development of this project has been secret among the 50 workers that operated in Atlanta, but a week ago thanks to MalwareBytes we could see photos of this new device.
As we can see, the device is a fairly small box, comparable to an Apple TV that has two Lightning cable in the front . This gives us the idea that you can connect up to two iPhones at once, but the process will not be done in both, but it will only be done in one of them, so we do not understand because it gives you the possibility to connect two iPhone.
The process is not instantaneous, since it can last between 2 hours and 3 daysdepending on the extension of the terminal password. Throughout the process we will only see a black screen with the password superimposed.
When the terminal is unlocked at the end of the process, all files will be uploaded to the GrayKey so that we can investigate them on our computer. This process can be done on any iPhone apparently, since seeing the images that have been broadcast in the re d would have worked on an iPhone X in the latest version of the operating system: iOS 11.2.5. 
This luckily will not be available for all pockets since the price will be between 15,000 and 30,000 dollars, offering the most expensive option that does not require any type of internet connection offering unlimited attempts to unlock the iPhone.
It is obvious that they are taking advantage of an unknown security hole in iOS, and we are convinced that Apple will already be working on being able to discover it although obviously it is not an easy task for the programmers . From Cupertino do not want anyone to investigate in iOS, and that is why a future update to GrayKey unusable.

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