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Sunday, March 11, 2018

iPhone X vs Galaxy S9 +: faced in the comparison of resistance to shock and water

The terminals of the moment are undoubtedly the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9 + , two devices that are in the crosshairs of public opinion, and of course, could not miss the comparisons between the flagship of Apple and Samsung. The comparison that we are going to analyze today is to see how they behave so much when, unfortunately, they are hit or when we submerge them, we go to the water.

iPhone X or Galaxy S9 +, which one is more resistant?

As the days go by since the presentation of the S9 and S9 +, there are many reviews that we can find on the web, such as the one that our colleague Jose Morales has done in Android Help . 
As the reviews are coming out, also the comparisons with the devices of the same height. In this case we have seen on YouTube a comparison between these two terminals, seeing how both respond to a fall or simply when we put it underwater. Let's start by watching the video of the comparison between these two great devices of their resistance to falls.
As you can imagine, as both devices have a glass surface on the front and back, in the video with a hit at a certain height the glass is completely destroyed . Although in spite of having such a fragile construction because it is made of glass, they hold up well enough to the impacts as can be seen, having to throw them from a lot of height so that the breakage is noticed. With a fall at a low height, breakage is not so noticeable.
If we go now to see the resistance to water, both terminals respond quite well when they are submerged in the water, although the winner is the S9 + for its IP68 protection,although the Apple device responds quite well when submerged. Below you can see the source video, so you can evaluate the result yourself:
In this post I wanted to leave the videos of these comparatives so that you are the ones who in the comment box say that terminal can respond better to a fall or to be under water. 

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