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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Take advantage of the iPhone X camera with Halide 1.7

The camera of the iPhone X is without a doubt spectacular, although the interface that we have of native way is quite poor, something that we hope to improve in iOS 12 , since we do not have the power on many of the characteristics that the camera offers. This changed with the arrival of Halide, an application that gives us the possibility to exploit all the features of the camera. The new update also allows to take advantage of the TrueDepth sensor. 

Halide 1.7 will help you make better pictures

The improvements of the last update of this app are focused on the quality of the images. When we focus on what we want to immortalize, the application will ensure that it comes out clearly, although you can also use an automatic mode so that the app itself detects the different points of an object to focus automatically.
Halide iPhone X
Another of the great novelties in the app is the compatibility with the newly incorporated TrueDepth of the front camera of the iPhone X , so the portraits that we take with this camera will also be very clear since the application will take advantage of all the benefits that He gives us this camera.
Once you take the pictures you will see a preview of the portrait mode and you can also check the depth effect in the photograph with the Depth Map View mode Halide will take full advantage of the depth of the field depending on the environment of where you are.
I have tried this app, I have to say it is very good to take advantage of the great camera that has the iPhone X. This app can be found in the App Store at a price of 3 euros. 

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