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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Apple Watch Series 4 could suffer a big change according to Ming-Chi Kuo

After all the madness that has been unleashed with the conference that Apple has given in Chicago so focused on education and with the launch of the new iPad 2018 compatible with the Apple Pencil , KGI has wanted to change the current issue focusing now on the Apple Watch, and a rumor of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4that will be released later this year. The bet of KGI goes through a change of design and a larger screen, is this the idea of ​​Apple?

Will the Apple Watch Series 4 change the design?

Four years we have Apple Watch in the market and we have not seen any kind of aesthetic change , something that can throw back the users because they see it the same as the first generation, although inside has advanced considerably , but we already know that we are going to be left with a beautiful design that evolves.
Apple Watch Black Belt
The renowned analyst of KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo has been the one who has predicted a change in the design of Apple's smart watch, with a screen 15% larger than we currently have. Today all watches have a screen of 38 and 42 mm, something that may end up changing later this year.
This larger screen could be achieved by reducing the bevels , as we have seen in the iPhone X. This will make a larger screen but without increasing the size of the clock, which is interesting, because a larger size of the box I see very exaggerated 
The change of design can happen through the arrival of a model with the round screen , something that already sounded last year, but that we did not see finally. Personally, I think that after four years it is time to change the design at the end as predicted by this KGI analyst. 
In addition to talking about the possible design change, Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the success of this watch will be undoubted, as it would sell up to 50 million units,following the growth in sales that has had this year.
Leave us in the comment box what do you think about this prediction made by the KGI analyst Do you think it's time for Apple to decide to make an aesthetic change in the end? Are you tired of seeing the same round screen on your wrist? 2018 may be the year of change in the company's products.

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