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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The idea that the AirPower goes on sale at the end of the month gets stronger

One of the big questions that keeps Apple is the launch of a series of products that were presented last year but have not yet seen the light, and there is no official date for its release. We are talking about the AirPower base and the case for AirPods with inductive charging compatibility.

Apple would close March with the launch of the AirPower

Although it was presented almost seven months ago, we have not seen it yet in an Apple Store, something that surprises us negatively. If you are going to present something, why do not you have it in stock quickly? With this the only thing that Apple is getting is to gain a bad reputation, something that obviously does not interest him.
The vast majority of rumors point to its launch sometime in March, but we are already mid-month and we have not seen any kind of launch. Yesterday, a report published by the DigiTimes media claimed that the new cargo base of the Cupertino firm will be launched at the end of March.  Already all the rumors and means point to this date in particular, so it is surely the date chosen by Apple to get these new accessories for sale.
Now there is another question to be answered, will there be any kind of event or will they limit themselves to launching a press release to update the online store? Here there is a wide division, but we are already in mid-March and from my point of view I do not think of time to organize an event later this month.
In my opinion I think that the Cupertino will launch a press release and close the App Store to incorporate these developments. This would not be something new since last year they did exactly the same thing to introduce the RED color of the iPhone 7. The launch of new iPads we believe will be for WWDC 2018, since these products have not been presented previously if they fit within of a Keynote.
When do you think that Apple will release the AirPower and the new AirPods case? Leave your impressions in the comments box.

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