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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The production of original series and films of Apple will arrive in March, but next year

Apple will begin its display of original movies and series next year. Specifically, it would launch from March, where they could compete with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.
To do this, Americans have spent a significant amount of money to invest in content on demand for quality, hiring a team of about 40 professionals .
The investment of more than 1,000 million dollars , will have series and films of their own production, where we will not see scenes of sex, violence or bad words, as demanded by Californians .

Movies and original series produced by Apple

Carpool Karaoke, the new series that will premiere on August 8 on Apple Music.
Apple will arrive somewhat late to the fight of streaming content, but like its competitors, they will do so with their own content . An ace up the sleeve that could be interesting to add this service to our devices, as they tell us in ADSLZONE .
It is expected to be released from March of next year, where perhaps in this course, we see a possible breakthrough in some of the planned events, such as WWDC 18 or the launch of new devices in September.
With more than 1,000 million dollars of investment, the Californians are betting strong to make a hole in a sector that is booming and which can have an interesting recurring income . We remember that Apple is generating some very important benefits thanks to the subscriptions of the streaming music service or iCloud Drive.
In past publications, we already told you that Cupertino are in hand to motivate the subscription of their new service of movies and series on demand . One of the planned series, was about the life of Elvis Presley, where the Americans dispensed with the filming when a sexual scandal broke out .
Another of the original series that Tim Cook's company has the rights to, is based on a story inspired by a podcast (Serial) , where the podcaster herself was on the set to advise the team of the series.
Although there is enough time to see everything Apple has prepared with its own content, everything points to it being a quality content and suitable for the whole family.

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