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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

This concept makes us think about how Apple Music could be in iOS 12

The arrival of iOS 12 is very close, in particular, next June 4 will start the WWDC 2018 where it will be released. We all expect to see interesting news, but reliable sources said that the visual and functional level will be null, focusing more on the performance, although obviously we will see part of the solution in performance problems. Today we bring you a concept by Álvaro Pabesio of an Apple Music renewal that we found very interesting, and we hope to see in iOS 12.

Will Apple Music be like that in iOS 12?

The renovation that this designer has proposed in his concept is very focused on the page of the artists within the application. The goal is basically to add much more information of the different artists as well as a section of videos, news and statistics.

With this we can enter our favorite artist in the case of the example is Lady Gaga and see how many followers have on the platform, in addition to having a list of friends who follow that singer, something we can not avoid comparing with what currently exists on Spotify, and we appreciate it coming to Apple Music.
In addition to this information we can see the position in which it is positioned in the world ranking. To all this we would add a section dedicated to videos, news and statistics . These parts within the application are quite interesting and we continue to think about Spotify with this posed by this designer.
It is interesting to have in our music application the news that pertain to that singer in particular or the concerts that are going to be held soon, as well as having access to the video clips in the "videos" section, now that Apple Music will support the reproduction of video clips natively.
This as we say is a concept that we have seen on Instagram and we hope that from Cupertino they have fixed minimally on the ideas of Álvaro Pabesio to translate them into their application of native music playback on iOS 12.
The image of this concept can be found in the Instagram account of Alvaro Pabesio here.

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