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Monday, March 12, 2018

Your Apple Watch could measure your potassium levels in a non-invasive way

AliverCor, a company associated with the renowned Mayo Clinic and embarked on the design of an EKG strap ( named as KardiaBand ) for the Apple Watch has presented a new study that combines artificial intelligence technology with this strap to generate a non- invasive system. invasive to determine the levels of potassium in blood, a basic data when diagnosing cardiac diseases that require rapid medical assistance.

Soon the Apple Watch will be essential for our health

To carry out this study, 2 million electrocardiograms were taken from the Mayo Clinic from 1994 to 2017, paired with four million blood potassium values, added to the data of an AliveCor EKG device synchronized to a smartphone. With all these data, the aim is to extract the logarithm in order to detect blood potassium levels with a precision of between 91 and 94%.
This would be a revolution in the field of medicine , because until now if a doctor wants to check the levels of potassium must make a blood draw and send it to the laboratory. With this system you can have a very reliable way of knowing the result without having to perform a blood draw and without waiting for the results.
Suffering from hyperkalemia can be really serious and more if it is associated with problems in the electrocardiogram, which can cause arrhythmia problems, something that is quite deadly if it is not treated quickly . Potassium itself is an indicator of kidney function.
Now the user with the KardiaBand can detect himself if he suffers from hyperkalemia in his own home, knowing that he has to go quickly to a medical center to be treated.
If technology continues to advance in this way along with medicine, the early detection of certain diseases will increase significantly, which will lead to a reduction in patient mortality.

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