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Monday, April 9, 2018

A new patent on an Apple hybrid keyboard appears

Apple registered a new patent on a hybrid keyboard that would act as a trackpad by sliding the fingers on it.
The operation would be something similar to what we enjoy in iOS when we press with a finger on the keyboard, where it becomes a kind of virtual trackpad .
The patent was registered in the year 2017, but now it has been known about its registration and acceptance through the relevant authorities. Specifically, it was registered on October 6, 2017, where it was published in the patent office on April 5, 2108.

New Apple hybrid keyboard

Apple keyboard patent hybrid
This keyboard patent is presented as "a mechanical keyboard that can interact with tactile events executed on the keys. In addition, the keyboard can detect key presses to write texts . "
As always, this does not mean that Apple immediately incorporates it into their new equipment. Californians, like other companies, often register patents on any new technology, where it may take years to implement it.
Sometimes, they do not even incorporate, but they do authorize other brands so that they can exploit it through financial compensation.
The truth is that we are seeing certain movements with new keyboards and surfaces for Apple computers, where everything seems to point to a new concept when using computers.
The main idea would be to eliminate as much as possible, the use of peripherals , both in mobility and static equipment, for example a Mac. Although it could also be extended to external keyboards for iPads.
In its day, BlackBerry published a similar system in its terminals, where through a physical keyboard, it could be used as a trackpad. As we have said before, Apple allows it in iOS, but in this case, we talk about a virtual keyboard.

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