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Monday, April 9, 2018

Apple is sued by the Apple Watch heart rate sensor

The legal problems of Apple do not stop surfacing, the most talked about being the slowdown of the older iPhone to extend the autonomy of the terminal. To this has been added a demand related to a patent that directly affects the Apple Watch and its heart rate sensor . In this article we tell you everything we know about this new legal conflict that fully involves the Cupertino company.

Apple would have infringed up to three Omni MedSci patents

The lawsuit has been filed by Omni MedSci, who have assured that a few years ago they had open negotiations with the Cupertino company, although no agreement of these negotiations emerged. After closing negotiations, the company led by Tim Cook allegedly allegedly inflicted one of Omni MedSci's patents related to heart rate recognition technology that incorporates Apple's smart watch in addition to others.
Apple Watch
This lawsuit has been filed today in Texas, which has claimed that Apple had violated up to three patents Omni MedSci, so obviously ask for compensation for damages.
Apple is used to these types of demands, some of which are very similar to those of Qualcomm. Users are already accustomed to the company not give any kind of statement to avoid publicizing these situations that do not like any company.
Of all the demands that affect the Cupertino company many do not end up coming to nothing, and that is why we believe that this will be one more not affecting the construction of the next Apple Watch Series 4 , which will continue to incorporate the same technology in the month September as some rumors suggest.
Anyway, we hope that the Apple Watch Series 4 technology will improve the heart rate sensor even more , adding the possibility of better control of our heart, as some patents and the advances of several companies that work side by side have pointed out. with the company itself directed by Tim Cook.

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