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Friday, April 6, 2018

Apple "steals" Google's artificial intelligence chief to improve Siri

It is not news that Siri needs a considerable improvement to be up to its competitors, but it is news that Apple "steal" a key piece of Google to improve it.
John Giannandrea was the head of artificial intelligence strategy at Google, where he spent several years in the company, until April 2, where he submitted his resignation to join the Apple team.
This new signing, along with the army of engineers that Apple has been recruiting in recent months, is a declaration of intentions on the part of the Californias to make Siri what is really expected of her, a real virtual assistant capable of interacting with a natural language

Goodbye Google Assistant, hello Siri

The new signing of Apple , is one of the responsible for the artificial intelligence of Google for its virtual assistant, where we could already check the particularities that it offers. In a comparative video, Fernando del Moral tested the assistant of the great "G" against that of Californians. The result, you better value it yourself.
Apple is accelerating the process as much as possible to make Siri a real virtual assistant with a much more attractive interaction and integration facing the user. Despite efforts to promote the use of virtual assistance with very powerful commercial , the truth is that its use in day to day (at least in Spanish), is not very expanded.
The arrival of  Giannandrea to Apple is excellent news, where it is said that rejected many million-dollar job offers to opt for, finally by the Apple team to improve Siri .

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