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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Have Siri tell you the name of a song without using Shazam

Apple bought Shazam in a quite successful maneuver, but Siri is also able to find songs with just a voice command without the need to have this application installed.
For this, Siri uses Shazam in an integrated way , so in this case it is not necessary to have the popular music recognition application installed. We just have to say "Hey Siri, listen to this song" .
Automatically, Siri will begin to tune the ear to give us a result. In the tests we have done, it has practically detected all the songs . As we said before, everything, thanks to the integrated Shazam potential.

Siri helps us with those songs that we like

Shazam Siri

This function is really interesting because it saves us time when looking for the Shazam application and start listening to the topic that is playing on the radio or television , where sometimes there is little time to play and we need to be as effective as possible.
Of course, ask Apple's virtual assistant to tell us what song is playing has some disadvantages against Shazam. For example, it will only give us the possibility to open Apple Music. In Shazam it offers us many more options, like opening it in Spotify , watching the video, meeting the artist or automatically saving our searches.
Although true, all this we can also get with Siri, as long as we have installed the Shazam application . In this case, it will offer us the same possibilities by clicking on the logo of the app, integrated into the result of the song.
Although this function is not new, it is not bad to remember it. Despite the limitations of Siri , we find really interesting features, such as this recognition of songs.
Even so, we recommend you to have installed the Shazam application to explore more advantages, even if you use the virtual assistant, especially if you use Spotify instead of Apple Music.

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