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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Samsung would start producing the iPhone X Plus screens in May

There are fewer and fewer months left for the presentation of the new iPhone X in September and of course, the production chains must start working to meet deadlines with users and avoid the delays that we saw last year. Today according to Economic Daily News  Samsung will begin producing the screens of the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus next month.

Samsung will begin producing screens for the new iPhone X Plus in a month

Next month it seems that Samsung's production chains are going to resume activity in order to be able to supply Apple with the necessary components for their new products, in this case the OLED screens that would continue to be responsible for producing them. Although production starts in May , capacity would double in June , as the presentation date approaches.

With this report it would be reiterating that the Cupertino company would launch three new devices: iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and a model with LCD screen that has a much cheaper price.
Although the delay last year seems to be that it was not due to a shortage of screens, but a shortage of essential components of the TrueDepth camera that is what gives life to Face ID technology. As this year it seems that they have been more forward looking, the launch could be done at the end of September and we would not have to wait for months like last year. 

We must wait to see how it ends up solving these production issues, but we hope that the company has learned from the amount of criticism received for the delays until Christmas of the products presented in September, except AirPower , and that is why although there is a large volume of orders at the beginning that leaves some users on the waiting list, we do not believe that we have to wait for months to receive it.

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