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Friday, April 6, 2018

Snapchat winks at the owners of the iPhone X

The popular application in decline, Snapchat , has had a detail with the owners of the iPhone X, where as of now, they have new exclusive masks.
This move is not intended to disparage users who do not have the latest flagship Apple (as did its CEO with "poor countries"), but this has an exclusive feature, the TrueDepthcamera .
Little by little, we know new features or uses, that this new technology developed by Apple, can do for us. Snapchat, like other applications, have seen the opportunity to motivate their users to continue using the application.

Snapchat incorporates exclusive masks for the iPhone X

Snapchat iOS masks
If you visit the application and have an iPhone X, you will be able to enjoy new exclusive masks to share with your acquaintances. In addition, to provide a better effect, the background will charge a Gaussian blur , that is, similar to the bokeh effect of the portrait mode.
The new masks that Snapchat has just incorporated, make reference to a carnival mask , a skull and another with effects of rhinestones . We must recognize that the new masks fit really well to our faces, offering a rather high realism in some occasions.
Snapchat does not go through its best, where a few days ago had to lay off another 100 workers, while collapsing in the stock market, specifically fell to 7% in recent days. So far this year, there are more than 250 layoffs in total.
Still, the company created by the co-founder Evan Spiegel , director of the same and known for the famous statement: "I do not want Snapchat in poor countries like Spain . It has also launched a new update where it allows us to make a multiple video call with up to 16 people .
This, together with the new masks for users of the iPhone X , may be able to motivate the use of the application by its public, a young audience. Despite being one of the most downloaded applications in the App Store in the category of "Photo and video", the truth is that the ratings and reviews are very negative, down to  3.2 stars with more than 1,800 ratings.

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