Vimeo launches its native application for macOS for the first time By Ricky Fernández - April 10, 2018 - NewCydiaTweaks


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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Vimeo launches its native application for macOS for the first time By Ricky Fernández - April 10, 2018

The popular streaming video service, Vimeo , has just made the leap to macOS and does so with a native application.
Thanks to this application, we can connect  Apple's Final Cut Pro and upload our videos directly to the server to publish them in a much simpler way.
It is a basic application, where it allows us to follow the process of our upload, modify some titles or add comments. Despite being a free application , for certain actions we will need a paid subscription in our account.

Vimeo is already on the Mac App Store

Vimeo Mac App Store
Interestingly, macOS has its own extension to share videos on Vimeo , which could give indications that this extension could disappear in the future. This is only an assumption, but this movement is somewhat strange. Still, the options offered by this app are more extensive than the own share extension found in macOS.
Once we download the application, it is open in the macOS menu bar, ready for us to give you some kind of order. We also have the opportunity to see the notifications or see all our videos uploaded. As we have said before, Vimeo offers the possibility to integrate with Final Cut Pro to add or modify some settings of our videos.
Some of the features of Vimeo in the version for macOS are the following:
  • Organize videos of the best possible quality
  • Load in 4K Ultra HD with HDR support
  • Stay organized with video management tools
  • Remove ads or add ads before, during or after your videos
  • Collaborate privately on projects with your team
  • Embed videos anywhere and boost audience engagement
  • Easily track your video performance
If you are a content creator and you make videos professionally, now you can export them more easily with this Vimeo app for macOS, where it integrates support for Apple's professional video application, Final Cut Pro.

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